About us

MORESY is a brand that I founded. My family and I love to travel and when I do something, I do it with passion. That's why it's basically secondary for me where I am in the world. However, what I always lacked was comfort. Working on a small laptop while on the road is feasible, but it's not much fun to work like that.

I define freedom at most with a backpack, in order to stay flexible all the time. Whether it's work and travel, hiking or just a weekend trip. That's how I came up with the idea of developing a workstation that fits completely into a backpack and combines flexibility with comfort.

The existing product line has been adapted and expanded to make it possible for people with changing workstations or little space in the home office to use a 100% mobile workstation, with space for all the technology, storage compartments and a fully functional desk.

My goal is to offer people with changing workplaces the same comfort as with a fixed workplace. The working world is becoming increasingly mobile, so the workplace should be just as mobile.