Separable backpack

Size is a crucial factor in a mobile workplace.

To make the most of the multifunctional workspace in a minimum of space, we designed the backpack so that the upper part can be completely detached.

This allows you to work to the maximum in a minimum of space.

USB & USB-C charging port

So you can work on the move from anywhere, MORESY FREE has one external USB & USB-C charging port each, with an integrated charging cable.

This gives you the option of charging your smartphone, tablet, laptop or screens on the go. The connections are conveniently located on the outside, so that the backpack can remain closed if necessary.

Revolutionary. Boundless. Freedom. Flexibility. Transportable.
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With the MORESY FREE, we offer a combination of backpack and mobile workstation incl. powerbank. The backpack contains a powerbank with 26,800 mAh, which can be used to charge up to three devices simultaneously while on the move.

You are certainly familiar with so-called powerbanks, which you can use to supply your mobile phone with energy while on the move. With our powerbank, you can also charge your laptop on the go.

The charging cables are ideally routed between the individual compartments thanks to special openings. The USB & USB-C port on the backpack can be used to charge the powerbank without having to take it out of the backpack.

Laptop or docking function

No matter what you do and where you do it, it has to be simple. This is exactly why the bottom of the screen recording has a transformation function.

If you mainly work with MORESY FREE, you can place your laptop in the bottom of the backpack and put the screen holder on top. The laptop compartment also has a custom-fit foam insert to protect it during transport. As the laptop is permanently connected to the powerbank and screens, it is powered. This means that the laptop can be used at any time when it is closed. All you have to do is open the screens, activate the mouse or keyboard and you can get creative. If you also want to use MORESY Office, you can connect the FREE via the docking function in no time at all. All you need to do is loosen and tighten 4 small screws for the transformation.

Revolutionary. Boundless. Freedom. Flexibility. Transportable.
Get your MORESY FREE today.
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