Especially in times of high stress, the support of skilled workers or employees with mobile equipment is important. Companies must therefore look more closely at the needs of their employees in order to remain an attractive employer in the future.

A modern and flexible workplace is a decisive factor. As a specialist in mobile workspace solutions, we have developed a completely new concept that focuses on flexibility and comfort. We have also designed everything to be portable and adaptable to your needs.

Extendable handle

There is a telescopic handle on the side of the product that allows for comfortable transport when extended. This makes the MORESY easy to transport - just like any piece of hand luggage.

High quality castors

The castors of the MORESYs are made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane. They are characterised by absolutely silent running.
They also have a low rolling and pivoting resistance for comfortable transport on a wide variety of surfaces. At the same time, they are very floor-friendly and abrasion-resistant.

A key concept

To combine the issue of data protection and convenience, we work with a one-key concept. This means that one key can be used to unlock all associated MORESYs with one system.
Just one turn of the key and all the drawers are locked.

Revolutionary. Boundless. Freedom. Flexibility. Transportable.
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Telescopic rails

The telescopic runners of the drawers have a stable full extension.

The additional separating function allows each drawer to be removed completely. The load capacity per drawer is approx. 25 kg. Our pull-outs guarantee particularly quiet, precise running and are characterised by a long, maintenance-free service life.

Docking System

In order to concentrate on the essentials in everyday life, it is important that the mobile workplace adapts easily to your environment.

That is why our standard models are all designed in such a way that a push of a button is all that is needed to detach the systems from the receptacle or another MORESY.
Our concept is simple and ingenious.

Car recording

Your MORESY is always secured via a device in your car - so everything stays in place.

Take your mobile office with you everywhere.

Compact and versatile

For absolute, limitless freedom, it is important to concentrate on the essentials. With our new MORESY FREE, you have everything you need with you.

You have a business trip and need more space. It wouldn't be FREE if we didn't have a solution for you. That's exactly why we have an extra storage space that can be easily expanded with the zip.

Revolutionary. Boundless. Freedom. Flexibility. Transportable.
Get your MORESY FREE today.
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