3 screens
Mouse & Keyboard
Powerful powerbank
1000 possibilities


Discover the office of the future.

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3 screens
Mouse & Keyboard
Powerful powerbank

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The mobile working revolution

Experience the revolution of the mobile working world and enjoy flexibility like never before. Our new mobile workplace concept allows you to work just as comfortably anywhere in the world as you do in the office.

Combine family, leisure and work and adapt your work to your environment instead of the other way around. With the possibility to work on up to three monitors at the same time, you can develop optimally, no matter where you are. Be ready for change and discover the future of the working world - free from boundaries and rigid structure.


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For sales people, frequent travellers, jetsetters, changing workplaces & home offices

Freedom, redefined.

Complete office for on the road

Give the word "mobile" a whole new meaning! Work like you do in the office, only this time from anywhere in the world, with 3 screens, mouse, keyboard and a powerful power bank for when there's no electricity.

Work from where you want

With our mobile workplace concept that combines flexibility and comfort. Combine family, leisure and work! Our mobile workplace concept brings the comfortable office atmosphere into your home or to any place you like.

Business trip with comfort

Turn the backpack into a trolley in an instant by stowing the shoulder straps in the back panel and snapping the handle into place. Enjoy your business trips by saving yourself the hassle of lugging bags.

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Inconspicuous from the outside...

Packed with features inside!

3 screens

Two integrated 4k UHD screens that connect to your laptop with one cable.

Integrated battery

Built-in powerful power bank so you can work from anywhere without power.

Mouse and keyboard

High-quality mouse & keyboard that can be stored in a space-saving way.

1-Cable Technology

With our unique 1-cable technology, everything is connected with one click.

USB & USB-C charging port

Charge your smartphone with the handy ports even when the bag is closed.

Laptop or docking function

You can put your laptop in the bottom of the backpack and put the screen capture over it.

A look at the essentials

Work on up to 3 screens

The world of work is becoming more and more diverse. The mobile workplace is playing an increasingly important role. So that you don't have to rely on a fixed workstation for optimal freedom, but can work wherever you like, we offer the possibility of working on up to three monitors at the same time with our mobile workstation concept.

Change means change. Change must be simple. The definition of revolution is a structural change of one or more systems. Enjoy the revolution of the future. Experience the simplest change ever.

Adaptable & smart

Storage space for your mobile office

Size is a crucial factor for a mobile workstation. So that you can make the most of the multifunctional workstation in a minimum of space and still develop freely, we have designed the backpack in such a way that the upper part can be completely detached. This allows you to work to the maximum in a minimum of space.

Your ultimate travel companion

Business trip with comfort

Berlin, Paris, New York, Sydney or Dubai - the working world is becoming more and more extensive. It's time you had the same comfort as in the office, anytime and anywhere. Borders are only for those who don't let go. Be free and limitless worldwide.

MORESY FREE inspires both technically and in terms of design!

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...and we still have big plans!

The MORESY free will only be the beginning...

The mobile concept for all those who have a changing workplace or are on the road a lot for work. Our systems are Simple and mobile. Simple means to us: no matter where you need to go, you have everything you need with you and it adapts to your environment and needs.

Mobile means: No matter whether you are Home office work, in the office a changing job If you're on a business trip or simply want to combine family and work - everything you need to work is here.

For extra comfort, our Modules can be combined to form a multifunctional workplace.